The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars. John Green. Book Review: [Image: A boy and a girl sitting on the grass, legs interlocked, and laughing. The boy holds a book titled 'An Imperial Affliction']


The Fault in Our Stars movie trailer came out today!

Sure, that trailer looks okay, but we all know: the book is always better. Here’s my old review illustration for this book (which you should definitely read). You can find more information about what I thought of the book at my original review →.

Double Feature

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In his final year of film school, Sam Dolan, estranged son of character actor, philanderer, and cult-film-treasure Booth Dolan, produces and directs his first real film—but it doesn’t exactly turn out as planned (NOTE: UNDERSTATEMENT).

Madcap and funny, with a nice patina of existential dread. I don’t want to give too much away here in the words, or the illustration, because the fun is in the discovery.

Sam’s relationship with his father is richly complicated (the disappointment in the loss of the closeness of childhood—does he love Booth or hate him? The decision to go into a similar field—does he want to make Booth proud? Is he competing with Booth? Is he LOSING?). The relationship with the convenient love interest, though, with her apparently boundless tolerance for ill treatment and bizarre circumstances, was a boring counterpoint.

Good for: humor fans, cinephiles, anyone with a dream unfulfilled. Reminiscent of The Autograph Man.  

The Last Girlfriend on Earth

The Last Girlfriend on Earth, And Other Love Stories. Simon Rich. 4 stars. Image Description: A dog rides the bus, reading the Classifieds→

The life and times of a condom; God’s work gets in the way of his relationship; a protester goes to great lengths to get a date, sparking a national Occupy movement; Mom kisses Santa Claus, but their relationship suffers when she sees him only once a year; a man marries Mother Theresa; and, missed connection classifieds for dogs.

This collection was really funny. I had seen some of the stories previously, and they didn’t suffer from being read a second time. My only qualm in recommending it is that the stories have a general message of: “Girlfriends! Right, fellas?!”

Good for: Fans of humor, short stories, Dave Barry. You may remember Simon Rich as the author of What In God’s Name